Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The schedule was posted today!! I have made up a list of the sessions I want to I have to narrow it down to a realistic list! It is a good thing that I have 2 weeks to think about itbefore I need to make a decision! Also, I need to make sure my time off request is approved.

The lace socks are coming along. I started the heel flap today. I'm still not entirely sure if it will make a wearable sock, but continuing on. I'll see how the fit is after the gusset. No pictures yet - I'll keep you tempted until I make a decision! hehe

So, as if I didn't have enough projects already in progress....Sherri got in a terrific color of Baby cashmerino - sorta melon-orangy pink. It was screaming at me to use it to make Fetching. Started tonight, and have knit about an inch already!

That's all for tonight, gotta go knit up the gloves- it is chilly here!


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