Monday, July 25, 2005

It is a beautiful day! What am I doing inside!?!?

It is amazing how different things can be in a few days time!

Off work early on a Monday afternoon! That never happens!

I tried starting those socks again and have not problems at all knitting; although Sherri’s idea of it being the influence of the unfinished blue socks could be a fact. I love the pattern, and I love the hand-painted opal sock yarn…I just don’t know that the pattern (Knitting on the Road, Unst) and the yarn are right for each other. The beauty of the yarn starts to get lost in the lacy pattern; yet, the lacy pattern is hard to see because of the color changes in the yarn. Dilemma, I guess that I will knit another inch and then decided to keep going or start over with a different pattern.

My mom’s surgery is scheduled for the first week of August. So, instead of going to Holden Village, I am going back to South Dakota again. I am not really looking forward to the August heat – I’ve become a Washingtonian, anything over 80 is “Scorching, terrible heat!” I have decided to drive home in my new car rather than spend over $800 on a plane ticket again. That way, I will be able to return home to WA with more of my stuff that is still at my mom’s (where on earth will I put it all?)

I’ve been attempting to clean my apartment. How can one person make such a mess, and how can she have so many dirty dishes even tho she hardly ever cooks? It is a mystery!!

I was able to spin a few more yards of the goat wool yesterday. I am slowly starting to feel more competent, and the yarn is less bumpy and more even. J As I get more done, I have to start thinking about what I want to make with it, and if I want to ply it or leave it as a single. More decisions to make.

I have gotten a few more rows finished on the blue socks, I still have most of the foot left then the toe. I hope to finish then while I am home is SD (who knows, with a lot of work this week, I might finish before I leave!)

Work can be so strange sometimes! The last two weeks have been so busy I couldn’t keep up. Now, today was slow and I am finished seeing everyone by lunchtime. “Why can’t people get sick or hurt on some sort of schedule?” Too bad it didn’t work that way. But I am not really complaining about either the short day today or about all the overtime last week.

Happy knitting!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

I should have known that it was not a knitting night

I should have known that I should have just put the knitting needles and yarn down and gone to sleep when it took me more than 10 minutes to figure how to cast on the stitches for a new 'project'. Now this wasn't some fancy cast it was a long tail cast on that I have done more times that I can count. But tonight it is either because I am quite tired and stressed, or it is the early onset of alzheimers disease!
I'm not kidding - I sat there with the needle and yarn and could not do it, I looked at the diagrams in my book as a last resort and still couldn't do it. Finally, after trying many times, I was able to figure it out. But, seriously, has this happened to anyone else? Or am I crazy?

So, I should have just put the project down, right? No! I trudged on. After finally remembering how to cast on, I then proceeded to do the *first 4 rows, make mistakes, tear out, start over* repeat at least 3 times making the same mistakes each time before realizing that maybe I should just rest tonight!

On the bright side:
- overtime at work (we've been really busy!) will help with the new car payments, I just sent in the first of many monthly installments to Toyota.
- The sunburn has faded to a very light shade of pink and has not started peeling yet (maybe it won't?)
- I received many compliments on the gold Conwy socks when I wore them to work on Tuesday!
- I finished reading Harry Potter last night! I had a bout of insomnia on Tuesday night (due to some tea being incorrecly labeled as decaf!) so I was able to read most of the book in one eveing. It seemed to get off to a slow start in the first few chapters, but then it got better. I won't give any spoilers for those of you who haven't read it yet.

I guess that is all I have to write about tonight. No real knitting progress this week, maybe 3 more rows finished in the blue socks.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Today was quite fun! I met my brother Brad and his wife Jess at Potlatch State Park. We then drove Brad's truck to the upper trailhead for Mt. Ellinore. I am so happy that we didn't take my new prius, I don't know if it would have made it...there were some fairly large potholes. I guess that I might miss my jeep in situations like that.

It is strange the tricks that your memory plays on you. I climbed Mt Ellinore 2 years ago. I remembered how tough the climb was in places, but I had forgotten how you really don't get any reprieve from the climb (on the way up and then again on the way down). But the view from the top, I remembered. WOW, it is so incredible, and so worth the pain to get there and then to back down. But boy is there pain on the way down!

The bug spray only helped a little against the monster flies that buzzed around and tried to bite us. And somehow, during the application of sunscreen, I missed the back of my calves -- ouch, they are very red and tingly. The only other area that got sunburned was a little area on the back of my neck.

From the top of Mt Ellinore today we could see: Mt. Olympus, Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens; and just the tip of Mt. Hood too (only with binoculars). We could also see Seattle, and in the other direction I think that we could see part of Grays Harbor. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. Amazing! We also saw a mountain goat it was about 30 feet away; we heard that there were quite a few earlier in the day, but by the time we were high enough, most had moved on.

The craziest thing that happened today was at the trailhead before we started. I used the outhouse. For those of you who haven't been there, it is hard to describe. There is a nice picture window opening (no window anymore) so that while you are seated on the toilet you have a beautiful view of Mt Rainer -- that is unless there is someone is sitting on the bench just outside, blocking the view (hopefully facing Mt. Rainer and not the outhouse)!! So...I closed the door and easily slid the latch to lock it. Well, when I tried to slide it back to unlock it, nope, it would NOT budge. I pushed, pulled, had Brad lean against the door, all with no luck at all. Thank goodness for the broken window! Brad tried to reach in to unlock it - no luck. Brad finally got a large stick that I used like a battering ram to get the lock open. I was starting to get nervous - What would have happened if the broken window wasn't there!? I guess that I might still be there. What drama to start out the day! Thankfully, the hike then proceeded without drama or incident.

I remembered Leslie telling me about how she collected wool from the mountain goats along the trail and then spun it into yarn. I have never really had a desire to learn to spin. Until now. I found so much wool today! I can't wait to find out what to do with it now. I guess it is time to call up some of my knitting friends who also spin and ask for some help and learn what to do.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Its a great idea...

... just maybe not right now....
That seems to be the idea of the day. But I will get to that later.
On a happy note, I stayed up till almost midnight, no - not to buy Harry Potter, I finished the Conwy socks!!!!!!! They are beautiful. It felt so good to wear them today. (I wish that I had a digital camera so I could show them off!)
I did go to walmart this afternoon to get Harry, I just finished the second chapter. Not terribly impressed so far.

On to the topic of "Good ideas, not quite the right time yet"

- Tonight I took a test ride of trying to ride my bike to work. It is just less than 2 miles and took me 18 minutes each way, but the HILLS will end up killing me. Either that or I will stink so bad from BO that no one will want me to work with them for the rest of the day. The route that I have to go is set up so that both ways are hard! The downhill part is at the very beginning and the terrible hill is at the end -- both ways! I was able to make it the whole way without stopping tho. I don't think that I will be riding to work anytime soon, but I will plan to try and ride that route several times a week and maybe in a few weeks I will be in good enough shape.

- As if I don't have enough knitting projects to work on, I went to the thrift store today and found a very soft knitted sweater. Blue and white, nylon/angora/lambswool. I have unravelled most of it and have lots of ideas of what I might be able to make with it..."stop, Lauri, and back away from the yarn, finish your other projects"

- This morning at the kitting get together at the library, Linda demonstrated how to start the garter stitch toe up sock, and now I have all these ideas about starting the cotton socks. No...must resist and finish my blue/purple socks! (The green ones too!)

- I really want / need a new computer and a digital camera...but I just got my first bill from Toyota for my car. Ouch. I knew how much my payments are but somehow seeing it on a bill makes it seem worse. I love my car!!

Tomorrow morning I am meeting my brother and sister in law and we are going for a picnic and a hike. We dicided to meet at Potlach State Park, and the plan is to hike Mt. Ellinor. I really hope that it is a clear day. I think that the weather is supposed to be good.

I better go and pack my stuff for tomorrow.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Trying again

I was just about finished writing a nice long message last evening, which discussed the great time that was had by all at the Open Knitting Night on Tuesday. But, before I could hit save and post the message, I lost my connection to the internet and my computer lost everything I had typed.

So, I will attempt to write about it again...

There was a great group of women at the Yarn Corner on Tuesday evening!
  • Sherri: who was working on her black/blue/green French Market Bag.
  • Bunni: was knitting a swatch for the "Stitch of the Month" class.
  • Leslie: Getting close to finishing John's brown socks. "They are men's socks, you can't call them 'pretty'."
  • Mary: working on a pair of striped socks.
  • Geri: making some knitted dishcloths
  • Pallas: finishing a hat and discussing spinning.
  • Amber: Working on a pair of Conwy socks - she will finish hers weeks ( or at least days) before I am finished! And she is making them from such beautiful yarn!
  • Peggy: working on THREE sweaters!
  • and me: I finally finished the baby sock for Kristine!!!!!! Also, continuing to work on the Conwy socks, I'll finish someday.


I am really trying to get a handle on my case of second sock syndrome. Even tho the cotton sock yarn that Joy gave me is calling my name, inviting me to start, I am doing my best to try to not listen. I will finish the conwy socks first. I will I tell you! ...Actually, if all goes well, I should finish them this weekend (maybe).

Things are starting to settle down at work. It has been so busy, I've been meeting my self coming and going! But, tomorrow is Friday, and I am happy for that! I will actually be able to go to the Saturday morning Library knitting group for the first time.

On Sunday, I plan to get together with my brother Brad and his wife Jess. We are tentatively planning a picnic. I am praying for nice weather. I might see if they want to go for a hike, maybe near Lake Cushman, not too far a drive for either of us.

Well, I better get this posted so I can go for a walk this lovely evening before it gets dark. It is beautiful outside tonight!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

7:55:57 PM PDT
Well, really not much to write about today. No knitting done at all!
I carried the baby sock I am working on for Kristine's baby to work today with the hope of wroking on it during my lunch break. But we were too busy. Her due date is rapidly approaching and I am not finished yet. This is the 2nd sock, I gave her the first at the baby shower weeks ago, promising that the second would be coming soon...
Well, most everyone who will read this already knows the struggles that I have had with "Second Sock Syndrome". It is a terrible thing.
You see, it isn't that I don't like knitting the socks, or that I hate making the second sock - I love it! I have thought alot about this and I think that it is a form of ADD. I just get so distracted by all of the other projects that I am (or want to be) working on and seem to end up working on this or that instead...and the poor socks become neglected and join the growing collection of lonely single socks.
...Then the generous friends who like to think that they are being helpful and caring by giving you a birthday present of sock yarn don't seem to get it that they are making the situation worse! ha. On Saturday, my friend Joy gave me 2 balls of very pretty cotton blend sock yarn - white/pink/peach. Very lovely, and will match quite a few of my should I start right away or add it to the collection of yarns for at least 2 other pairs of socks not yet started and the 3 pairs that are half finished or should I start it up right away? ( I guess that I can't start right away, I have to wait until tomorrow so I can get the size 2 needles from Sherri --- So, Sherri, if you really want to save me, you can refuse to sell me those needles.......)

Someday, I might actually get a digital camera and / or a scanner so that I can share pictures, but for now you will have to either use your imagination or see them in person.

On to other topics besides knitting. At work today, Mike gave me copies of the pictures that we took during the Lake Quinault Bike Ride on June 26th. What a great reminder of that fun day. I am still glad that Rebeccah didn't let me get out of it! I hope to be in good enough shape next year so that I can make it all the way around the lake, but 27 of 30 miles isn't so bad. So, instead of spending all night in front of the computer I should be out riding...but since it was a long day at work, I think that I will take a long hot bubble bath instead.
Goodnight! (with prayers for a slower day at work tomorrow!)

Sunday, July 10, 2005
2:41:18 PM PDT Feeling Happy
Wow, my first blog entry.
I've never really been one to keep a diary or anything like that, but I decided that I have had so much fun reading other's blogs that I needed to start writing one of my own.
I guess that I decided to start this mainly because Sherri and Bunni asked me to write the chronicles from the Tuesday evening "Open Knitting Night" at The Yarn Corner at Wiitimaki's (hereafter referred to as TYC). So, now that it has been nearly a month since we met for the first time and I have forgotten almost everything that happened, I suppose that I should start writing about it!

Open Knitting Night #1
So, the innagural "Open Knitting Night" occurred on Tuesday June 14th at 7:00 pm. What a fun group of people. I apologize for forgetting some names, please send corrections or gentle reminders for ommissions or misspellings. Present were: Sheri, Bunni, 2 of Bunni's sisters, Beau, Ronnie, Pallas, Amber and me.
We shared some of our finished and ongoing projects. Amber showed her felted needle holders, I think that Bunni had her Kilt socks (but that might have been a different day at TYC), and I recall getting some teasing about my growing collections of lonely single socks (*to be discussed at a later is slowly (or quickly) getting worse). I apologize that I seem to have completly forgotten what everyone else was working on.
We were all having a great time knitting, laughing and drinking coffee,...then...Ronnie's phone rang. She answered, looked bewildered and said that she would be right there. She then hung up the phone and looked at us and said "I have to go, there is a tsunami warning!" We were all still looking at each other when the store phone rang and it was Bonnie telling us all to leave the store because of the warning.
So we all quickly picked up and went home. We were all happy to find out over the course of the next few hours that we were not in any danger, thank goodness. What an eventful evening.

The next Kntting Night will be Tuesday June 12th, 7:00pm at TYC.

Will talk more later about current projects and my rapidly worsening case of the dredded disease of Second Sock Syndrom that my good friend Joy made even worse yesterday.

Starting over

Well, only 3 days into having my own blog and I am already starting over. I realized that the layout and resources that were available where I was originally hosted were not ideal, so decided to make the change right away!

So, my next two messages will be reposts from my other blog... Then I will get started again with new messages.