Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Birthday

Just a quick post, since it is pretty late.

I just got home after a wonderful evening at John & Joyce's home, Diane was there too. They gave me a delicious birthday dinner, yummy cake, great doesn't get much better! :-)

I tried to take pictures of all of the gifts, but once I loaded them all on the computer, most of them had turned out pretty better pictures will be coming in the next few days.

Diane, John & Joyce:

Me, John & Joyce:

Me and Diane:

A beautiful necklace, a gift from John & Joyce!

And finally, some wonderful old knitting magazines (also from John & Joyce)!


Thoughts for the day:
- one of the patients that I worked with today (for those of you who know me well - you know where I work on Thursdays...) told me that I was "a saint!"
- Another patient told me that the new haircut makes me look a lot younger.
- But, when I told someone else that it was my birthday, she said "Oh, 40?" OUCH! Ouch! I think that was just plain mean!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Here is the progress that I've made so far on the Ripples in Time Baby sweater:

I know, I know...the couch really isn't the best place to show off the sweater parts, but really it was the only place that I could pin the pieces down to take a picture!

Here is a close-up of the sleeves. I finished the second one earlier this evening. Now just to start and finish the back, neck and sew it all up. Think that I'll make it in time? I really want that world cup prize!! I think that is motivation enough for me to work hard!

So, since I started out with no specific recipient for the sweater, and my size 2 needles were in use, I decided to go ahead and use size 3's. I am very, very close to having the correct gauge. But this sweater is looking a bit large right now. I am following the directions for the smallest size! I guess in the end - it will fit a baby at some point in their growth, and larger is really better I think. I guess I'll see how it is once it is blocked and sewn together. One change I did make is the sleeves are 1/4 inch shorter that called for (I remember a recent entry on the Yarn Harlot's blog about baby sweater sleeves always being too long...that and it seemed like a good point at the end of the pattern repeat to start the decreases!)


My neck is feeling better each day, but still some muscle spasms. I ran out of the pain pills - tonight I took the last one. Not sure if I want to call the doc and see if he will renew the Rx or not. I really don't take them often, just in the evening before bed since by that time of day I usually have a headache. I might just try to tough it out for a few days and see how it goes. I have another PT appointment tomorrow afternoon, hope that it continues to get better each time. I have been good and did all my stretches and exercises today (a few times!)

Today I almost ended up giving myself another reason to need PT! I might have mentioned it here before, but in case you didn't know - I am a huge klutz! I can manage to injure myself in almost any situation, I have a special gift for that! Today, I was cleaning up the rehab gym during some slow time and nearly fell down the stairs (the set that patients practice on before they go home). I talk to patients all the time about safety, what did I do? I was carrying a couple walkers and had the stairs piled high with supplies, turned and hit my knee and nearly went down! Just bruised tonight......I'm glad that I didn't get hurt again, since I am just almost over the thing with my neck! I could imagine explaining that to my coworkers and patients..."Gee, Lauri, How'd you break your leg?"

I rode the exercise bike for 30 minutes tonight! I really wasn't even tired when I quit! My bottom just hurt from sitting in one place for so long. I might try to modify the seat a bit, or add a towel or something. It seems a lot less boring to ride the bike, when I can sit in front of the TV and be distracted by it, makes the time go faster! So far, I've gone 12 miles (2 yesterday, and 10 tonight)


Here is a picture of the yellow Flower Petal Washcloth (from Weekend Knitting) that I finished last month. I don't remember if I ever posted a picture of it or not - thinking not, since the picture hadn't been downloaded off my camera phone yet...

I guess that's all for tonight, must cast on for the last part of the sweater!

Monday, June 26, 2006

distracted or just procrastination?

Tonight, in an effort to avoid most of the things that I really should have been doing (unplugging clogged drains, knitting a baby sweater, weeding the flower gardens...), I went shopping. Had to exchange a shirt at Ross, looked at printers at Staples.

And came home with an exercise bike from the sporting goods store!

It really isn't the 'impulse buy' that you probably think that it is! I've looked at bikes several times, really considered a few. But with not a lot of $$ but still wanting a quality bike...the choices are somewhat limited. Tonight there was a decent quality bike, on sale no less! Then when I got to the counter, it rang up even less that it was supposed to be! The guy helping to cart it out to the car for me told the cashier that it was the right price, and I didn't even think about it until I was out to the car! Now I have a moral dilemma - do I go back and tell them they undercharged me? Or do I just enjoy my bike!?

I got it put together already, and rode for 10 minutes. That's enough for today.

Better go, so I can work on my physical therapy exercises. I am trying to be a good patient and do all the homework that I am supposed to. I am feeling better after PT today, but pretty sore too! I think that we have almost everything back in place, and muscles are calming down. I should have put some ice on my neck tonight, but never got around to it.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


I thought that I had a plan for today!

knit, church, building work party for a little while, come home, laundry, knit.

That doesn't sound so unreasonable does it? Now, looking at the list, I did accomplish most of that, at least partly, except for the last 2.

No knitting done at all this afternoon. Because I was dealing with the joys of homeownership:

When I use the washing machine, the floor drain (which connects with the pipe that the washer water goes into) backs up water onto the floor. Yuck. Usually it is just a little bit of water, and it goes away in a few minutes. Well, not today! No! water backed up everywhere!
So, 2 trips to ACE, one bottle of liquid plumber, and a poor attempt at using an auger. All to no avail. I think that I might have to call in the professionals. grrr

At least it gave me a good excuse to go out and buy some new clothes (so I could wear something to work tomorrow!)


I finished the sleeve for the sweater, and have knit 2.5 inches on the second sleeve. I had hoped to finish it today - I figured out that it should take me 4 hours to knit the sleeve (used the Yarn Monkey's countdown timer for the KAL to time knitting a pattern repeat -- too much time on my hands?...) Maybe I will come close tonight.
I don't have a picture of the sweater parts yet. Haven't had time since I've been working on the plumbing. Hope to take some tomorrow.


So, I broke down and started using my birthday present (to myself) and gave Sherri hers yesterday. I couldn't wait! Here is a picture (kinda blurry)

They are stitch markers and a shell case to keep them in! Too cute! I started using mine last night. They are for up to size 10.5 - awfully large for a size 3 needle, but pretty!

Saturday, June 24, 2006


I have been so excited this afternoon! Getting so close to finishing the first sleeve, thought that I was in the final 15 rows of it...then started realizing that I still had an aweful lot of stitches left on the needle.

Well, 7 rows ago it told me to start decreasing 1 stitch at EACH end of the next 10 rows. "Each" end being the key phrase in which I neglected to see the word EACH....

so...I guess that I get to learn how to rip back 7 rows then pick up cabled stitches. I should look at this as a learning experience I suppose, but it is frustrating.

No picture it would be too painful to look at.


so, about 30 minutes later! I managed to rip back 6 rows, then tink the last row - thank goodness it wasn't a cabled row!!

Somehow, I still have the correct number of stitches, and I somehow managed to pick up all the stitches in the correct direction, not even a single one was twisted!! I don't think that I could do that again if I tried!

I now have a headache!
But that really was a good confidence booster! I didn't think that I could do it! :-)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Nonknitting Thursday

So, today I worked an 11 hour day! Left home at 6:30 and returned at 8:00. a short lunch break and just over an hour for my PT!

No knitting accomplished today, not even one stitch!

But, managed to avoid any meltdowns today! Which was a great possibility, since it was the busiest day since I don't know when, short staffed, ten new patient evals, and to top it all off: JCAHO unannounced visit! Any of you in healthcare will understand why it was a rough day! (for those of you not in healthcare JCAHO = Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Organizations, or something like that...)

enough said, I'm going to bed soon!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Somehow, just when you think that you are on top of things...everything can get shifted around so that you are at the very bottom! I thought that my day was going smoothly (besides having an assistant call in sick this morning); however, as I went back to the office to get ready to leave for my appointment (thinking that I was done for the day) there were FIVE new patient orders!! FIVE! Then, by the time I got back from the appointment, at 4:25, there were 2 more! Thinking that I had things relatively under control, I decided to tackle one order first - putting a machine on a patient's leg -- well, 40 minutes later, I had to call in a coworker because the machine was broken! And by this time everyone else was eating supper...
...and people tend to get pretty grumpy when you ask to interrupt their dinner for physical therapy - I can't imagine why?.........

So, I ended up leaving 6 or 7 evals waiting for the person who is working tomorrow (sorry I hate to do it, but I can't stay any later).

I called her to give a short report, found her upset = She had just gotten the news that a close relative had passed away. And she would have to be leaving town tomorrow (probably morning) to go to the funeral.

.....So, all those evals that I left -- now mine to do (probably)! And I'll be working this Saturday again too, (I volunteered) because it was her weekend to work. The good news is that it will be at least 8 hours of overtime for me this week!!


All of this is eating up toooo much of my knitting time and I resent it!! haha
Actually, I am starting to worry a bit (a lot) about getting finished by the end of the world cup! Here is the progress on the sleeve:

and here is a picture of a secret purchase from ebay, only the box for now! Presents are involved, so I have to get you excited and wanting to see what's in there (I bet the suspense is killing you! - probably not...) (Never mind about that pic - blogger is not working right again! You'll just really have to be is suspense!)

Now, off to finish a sleeve.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I am making progress - even if a bit slowly - on the first sleeve of the Ripples in Time Sweater!

No pictures tonight, I'm already upstairs & the camera is downstairs (see yesterday's entry about laziness...) But the sleeve is 3 inches long (out of a total of 7.75 inches).

I am really liking this pattern, it is really pretty, especially with this great color yarn! I am knitting with Nature Spun Sport Weight, Mango colorway.
I had the 2 skeins that Sherri gave me last year for my birthday - yes I've had the yarn just a few weeks short of a year!! I had been admiring the color of the yarn for ages and really wanted to make something, anything out of it but each time I started something, it just wasn't right. So it sat there in the stash until now. I had to go buy 2 more skeins so I would have enough.

So, now the question will be what to do with the sweater once it is finished. I don't have a baby to wear it, no one I know well is expecting a baby. I have thought about donating it to a charity, or maybe as a silent auction item in one of the various events that go on around here. I guess that I will just keep thinking about it - I know that when the time comes the right person will end up with it!


Well, I will finally be starting physical therapy for my neck and back tomorrow. Overall, I think that I am about 80 to 90% better, but it's just the achiness and especially the headaches by the end of the day that are bothering me the most now. They are really tending to make me pretty grouchy too; although, I am doing my best to hide the grumpiness. Today was the first day in more than a week when I didn't have a splitting headache by the middle of the day, just throbbing... I can't wait to see how much the PT will help tomorrow.


I better get back to knitting. I really want to finish the Sweater in time - It is my World Cup Knitting project (see the link in the sidebar!) and I would really like to have a chance at winning the incredible prizes that are being offered! WOW, I was almost drooling while I read about it all! I WANT IT!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Trying to decide if I am lazy...

So, since I moved to my house (9 months ago) I've been planning on checking out how long it would take me to walk to work. Tonight I finally went for a walk with a friend to check it out.
(now I have gone on numerous other walks too! Just not figuring out how to get from home to work!)

It took roughly 35-40 minutes, walking at a comfortable pace. It is up and down hills, and involves having to take a dirt trail about 500 feet from one neighborhood to another since there is no road that connects the 2 areas! Lots of fuss - I'm not too sure that I would want to climb over the rusty barrier that is there to keep the 4-wheelers out while in my work clothes...

I like the idea of walking to work, but I think that the reasonable amount of time is 30 minutes or less. I would like to try and get more exercise, and use less gas. But I'm not sure if balking at the time is reasonable or just plain laziness.


So, I finally joined the Green Gable KAL. Not too sure why I finally joined it now, because it will probably be weeks before I can even start on it!. But I have appreciated the knowledge that I've gained just from reading the various posts!

I made progress on the first sleeve of the Ripples in Time Sweater - about 4 rows! (Well, it is better than nothing, I guess!) I've been looking at the front that I finished. Trying not to be too critical of myself. Expecially since it probably won't even really be noticable...but the neckline on the left side where the cables end wrong is driving me crazy! It was easy for me to figure out how to bind off with the cables on the right side - no problem! but why is it harder on the other side? (or is it just me that has this problem?) I don't plan on ripping back to fix it or anything, especially since it will probably be covered up with the picked up stitches for the neck.

No new pictures yet of the sleeve - 10 rows total is nothing to take a picture of!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

finished front of sweater!


A friend of mine told me at church this morning, "Lauri, when you start doing things like that it is because you just need a break and some down time! Don't worry about it."

I am not one to forget about my obligations and appointments. So when I slept through dinner at a friend's home to celebrate a birthday last night, and then slept through helping out at the Lion's Club Father's Day Pancake breakfast (I said that I would be there early to help set up) and completly forgot about it until just as I was leaving for church...I felt pretty disappointed in myself.

But thinking about what Dolly said, I think that I really needed the rest this weekend. I never, ever take naps, and that was the 2nd in 3 days. I just could not keep my eyes open!

I've made a little bit of progress on the sweater. (slow progress...) and I think that I am ready to start the neck shaping on the next row. I have to measure again to make sure. I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish by the end of the world cup, but I'm going to really try!

I found the website (thanks Sherri) to order the purse handles. I tried to order 3 sets today, so I could finish the sweater bags. However, they are not able to accept orders online right now, so I will wait until Monday. I really have to get to work, especially on the blue Gap bag, I wanted to give it to Diane, and her birthday was yesterday! (the dinner I slept through.)

I also have been sucked into spending way too much time on ebay! Like I really need to spend more money! I did buy 2 things yesterday, but they will remain a secret for a few weeks, since they are nearly identical (and one is a gift!) Last night, I almost bought some shoes! AAAHHH stop me! I need to save money to reshingle the house, and pay other bills. I have enough shoes (just keep repeating that Lauri!)

So, since it is a relatively nice day, I am going out to the park to knit, and hopefully will have some pictures of a finished sweater front to share by the end of the day! I'll leave you with a wonderful picture of the rhodies in my back yard from a few weeks ago: (Well, I tried - I wonder what happens to all the pictures that I upload that never appear they just float around in they end up on someone else's blog...hmmmm good question! I uploaded the picture 3 times, it spent lots of time loading it, I clicked done, etc, and there is still nothing there!)(addendum - it must just be that picture, because the pictures of the sweater in the next post came up with no problem!)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Not much new

Not much new to speak of today.

Since I got off of work, I've been knitting. But I feel like I am in that black hole or warp in the time space continuum or whatever it might be - the one where you knit and knit and knit. and yet make ablsolutely no progress when you measure your work!! (it seems even worse when you begin to obsessively measure it after every single row, just to be sure!) I still have 1.5 inches to go before I start on the neckline shaping! I know that I'll get there eventually, but not sure when!

I forgot (forgot...) about spanish class tonight. I really did plan to go, even tho I was dreading it, since I haven't looked at anything since I last went to class 3 weeks ago! Then I sat down in front of the TV, started knitting. and now class will be getting over as I type this. I guess I've given up on this attempt. It wasn't quite they type of class I thought that it would be, and with the differing levels of knowledge in the class, it became quite frustrating to all involved I think.

This morning I went to the employee open house at the new emergency department. It is very nice now that it is finished (almost - about 1 more week then it will open). I got a chance to speak to one of the ER docs and thank him for the increase in referrals straight from the ER for PT. I don't usually get a chance to talk to them very often. What am I doing talking about work on my blog!?!? STOP IT!

I tried to take a picture the other day of the hummingbirds that are enjoying the hanging flower baskets by my front door - they were gone by the time I got the camera. It was sure fun to watch them!

I keep wanting to start some new project, knit anything other than the sweater. But since it is my World Cup project and I now have some nice incentives to finish in time, I have to stop myself from being distracted! (see her blog entry for 6/15!) But I almost cast on for a small noni carpet bag last night - I have some good colors in the stash - it would be so pretty!!!

No new pictures for today - didn't really see enough progress in the sweater to warrant the picture! Hopefully, by tomorrow I might have a finished front (orback) to show off!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

excerpts from yesterday...

So, today will just be the pictures from yesterday's attempts...
(see yesterday's message for the details. I'll just provide brief captions today.)

Here are the pictures of the Ripples in Time Sweater. (above, and closeup below)

Here is the sweater that I felted: And the beautiful and very fragrant peonies:

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I give up (blogger problems tonight...)

(Tonight's entry was going to be just a quick update...and it was done, until I accidentally deleted one picture that was essential to the whole post...then the problems began. Blogger then refused to upload any more of my pictures - either from the internet, or from my own computer...)

Hi! I am still here. I sometimes wonder how people who really have lots of things to do ever get them done...because even with my 'few things' I can hardly even find the time.

But I guess I always have knitting time...

Tonight was Open Knit Night at The Yarn Corner. Had fun of course!I was starting to wonder if there was a new rule about knitting with the same color yarn as the clothes you were wearing:


I've made good progress on the Ripples in Time Sweater:


Here is a closeup: (it really is a terrible picture! things are more even, except I am having a problem with a loose stitch each time I switch from a knit stitch to a purl.)


Here is a picture of that sweater that I bought at the garage sale on Saturday. It felted down very nicely, and will make a great bag. (Just like the other 2 I haven't yet finished!) I really should get to work on them soon. I just promised the blue one to a friend. You really can't see the colors very well in this picture - there are black, grey, red, dark green, and some blues and purples too!


And here are some huge magnificent peonies from my garden! They are amazing. And the fragrance is great - unless you are allergic. There are at least a dozen more blooms like these on the one plant that still haven't really opened up yet.


I would really like to get more peonies. I just love them! They say to me "IT IS SUMMER!!!" and they just make you want to smile. My neighbor across the street, who recently moved in also, has some pretty white peonies, that are in the middle of a very overgrown garden area that is not being taken care of...I'm trying to figure out how to ask her if I could get some of them from her! (I've only spoken to her two times, so it might be somewhat rude to just go ask! But she hasn't mowed the lawn in weeks, and the grass is at least 7 inches high!...)

I guess that is all for tonight. Don't be surprised if there are more background changes soon. I am having fun playing with the template. Citrusmoon is so much fun! I am having a blast trying to decide what to do!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Well, here is the continuation of the previous post, since all the pics wouldn't fit!! (See the previous entry for details)

(me working on "Ripples in Time" during the "knittting in public")

(I also couldn't get the pic of Pallas on the last entry)

(a closeup of the progress so far)

(pretty hanging flower baskets!)

Knit in Public Day & Knitting World Cup

So today was a lot of fun!

A small group of us gathered at Morrison Park in Aberdeen for World Wide Knit in Public Day. It was a bit cloudy and breezy, but we still had fun!

As I left my home, I saw a sign for a rummage sale! I stopped...really only a bunch of junk, except for a 100% lambswool sweater for $.25! I think that it will make a very nice bag. I forgot to take a picture of it today.

Later I left the park to go get lunch, and spent some time at The Yarn Corner with Sherri. Overall, I have made really good progress on the Ripples in Time Sweater for my Knitting World Cup Entry. Here is the progress so far: (well, I guess not - I tried, and the pictures wouldn't upload...sorry we'll have to wait until tomorrow)

I also made another trip to the Cedar Falls Nursery. Spent just over $100 for 2 hanging baskets for my front porch, and 5 different lavender plants (hopefully they will help to repel the deer!!) Here are a few pictures of the yard: (again - waiting until tomorrow, since I seem to have exceeded the pic quota per entry...)

I don't get it

So, I've been trying to figure out how to change just the background on the template.

After much experimenting, I got it!
Or so I thought.

When I get the code into the template and "preview" it, it is there and looks great! When I save it, then go to the blog, all I get is a white background! I don't understand. I have the image saved to photobucket, I'm not trying to link it from some other place. And it shows up right when I preview it...what's up!?!

Maybe it will make more sense tomorrow (instead of now - at nearly 1:00am!)

Any suggestions?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Inspired knitting

Well, this "Inspired Knitting" has inspired me to join the Knitting World Cup. Maybe that will help me to finish it a bit quicker than I finish most projects! I wanted to join the Knitting Olympics, but I was supervising a student for a month during that time and know that I wouldn't be able to participate - now's my chance!! (even if I don't really care for soccer/football.)
I have been working on it for a few days now, and have about 3.5 inches done on the front (or back). No new pictures to share yet, as I haven't had time to take any!

This week at work was pretty busy, but at least by today it slowed down. My back and neck still are sore, but not as bad. The massage today from a coworker really helped too. And the bubble bath that I plan to take in a few hours will be nice too!

Hope to take some pictures of projects and more flowers soon. The peonies are unbelievable!! And the calla lilies (that I thought were dead) are just now starting to come up - about 4 inches high now. I plan to go to the nursery tomorrow and buy some lavender and other deer resistant plants...(blog entry coming on this sore subject!)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Mother Nature, and "Inspired Knitting"

Today really turned into a beautiful day. It was 70 degrees when I got off work, and once home, I grabbed my knitting and sat on the front steps for awhile!

I don't really recommend trying to knit cables while taking percocet for pain...but I don't think that the mistakes are fatal (but they are obvious...cables going the wrong way)

Then I decided that I had to take a few pictures of the wonders of nature in my yard! I am still so happy to be a homeowner and have my own gardens and home to take care of - even tho it tends to be a lot of work sometimes...I still love coming home to the flowers, (and the starlings and slugs eating the plants in the garden - soon there will be nothing left!)

Well, my neck and back is feeling a bit better. Still sore, but not nearly as bad as last Thursday and Friday. But by the end of the day today I was ready for a rest, and a pain pill. A little better every day, hope that continues!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The easy life..

Today's idea is all about making (blogging) life easier! ha

I went to Staples today in search of a card to upload pics to instead of emailing them to myself!
Well, I came out of there with this!:

A picture memory card - which is incredibly easy to use!! A mouse - so I don't have to use the touch pad anymore! A screen cleaner so that I can actually see what I am typing! And a nice lap desk - this will come in handy while I'm sitting on the couch or in bed and using the computer, as it sometimes gets pretty warm sitting in my lap. I'm using the desk now and it is very nice!


Sorta tired today! Joy and I had tickets to the Seattle Symphony last night. And I didn't get home until nearly 1:30. Joy tried to talk some sense into me and have me stay at her place until this morning, but I hadn't brought anything that I needed for overnight with me, expecially the muscle releaxants, since my neck was pretty sore last night. So, I got home late and then slept until almost noon today, and missed church for the 2nd week in a row!

The symphony was nice last night, not the best performance I've heard this year tho...the same clarinet seemed to be out of tune again, and during the Beethoven at least one of the basses kept hitting the frog of the bow on the strings or the bow on the side of the bass - not sure which, just sure that it was VERY distracting!


We made it to Seattle early, since we were expecting heavier traffic because there was a Mariners game, but it was an easy quick drive! So we went to the Seattle Japanese Garden. I had not been able to stop there before - just driven by twice and really wished that I had time! What a beautiful place! (the colors are a bit washed out in this first picture, but it is really pretty!)

(I like this picture, except that it looks a bit like it is in technicolor! All dressed up and ready for going to the concert!)

Well, I thought that it would be fun to try and get this in the picture screen and then rotate it so that it was straight, but I just can't seem to do that -- so You'll just have to tilt your head to get the right view sorry!

Here is a fun picture of Joy and I!

OK, so here's the bit of knitting content for the day: I finished the yellow flower petal washcloth, but forgot to take a picture! I knit 1 row of mom's sock in the car while Joy drove...knitting while riding in a car and on percocet don't really go together well...I have to tink out a row later today! I also purchased this book! Wonderful!

Well, I better go and fix the mistakes in my mom's socks. Then going to dinner at a friend's home tonight.

Friday, June 02, 2006


I now have a new sort of empathy for my patients who are in pain! Until yesterday, I really thought that I knew what pain was, and I tended to sometimes not have enough sympathy / empathy for my patients who were in 'excruciating' pain, .

I was stretching just before I got out of my car yesterday morning before work. Stretching like I do almost every day. When all of a sudden, pop, and searing pain in my neck and upper right back. I couldn't even move for a few minutes it was so bad. I spent part of the morning at the clinic (one of the benefits of being a PT) with ice and traction. Saw the doc in the afternoon, then back to the clinic to have my boss work on me. By last night the pain wasn't so bad, expecially with the GOOD meds that the doc gave me!

I made it through work today, with the wonderful help of Liz and Carli (2 great rehab aides.) I was very happy that the caseload was low and I was able to leave an hour early. Going back to the clinic in about an hour for ice and manual therapy.


Despite the pain I was able to find a comfortable position on the couch and was able to knit! I am working on the flower petal washcloth from Weekend Knitting. I made 2 last year, and really want to make several more. (Like I really need to start any more projects!) At first I was worried about how they would stand up to the wear and tear. I used the suggested yarn, in light green, then red. The green started fading almost immediately, but then stopped and has held up well.
(the color is pretty poor in this picture, the yarn is a medium yellow)


I think that I have found a sweater pattern for the Blue Heron Yarn! I discovered the Green Gable Knit Along. I really like the sweater and I noticed that someone else was considering using the same yarn - I will probably wait and see if it works for her...

That's all for now, time for me to go get some PT!